Adding Interesting Jewelry Pieces to My CollectionAdding Interesting Jewelry Pieces to My Collection

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Adding Interesting Jewelry Pieces to My Collection

A few years ago, I started collecting jewelry, and it has been really fun to watch my little collection grow. I started with a piece that my grandmother gave me, and then gradually began adding a thing here or there as I came across interesting items at thrift stores. It has been so amazing to wear different pieces that have so much history, and I absolutely love the stories behind each item that I have. This blog is all about adding interesting pieces of jewelry that will really help your look to stand out, and taking care of the items that are precious to you.

4 Steps To Choosing The Perfect Crystal Bangle Bracelet

Bangle bracelets are extremely popular due to to the ease of wearing. They can be placed easily on the wrist, without the need of fussing with a clasp that may easily become broken. When crystals are added to the bangle, you have something that is elegant, and can easily be "dressed up" or "dressed down" for most any occasion. It may also be paired with other bracelets for more depth and versatility. If you are looking to buy a crystal bracelet, either for yourself or to give as a special gift, here are a few pointers to help you make the right selection:

1. Determine the Wrist Size of the Person Who Is to Wear the Bangle

Although bangles bracelets are made to fit various sized wrists, it's a good idea to obtain a size that is most appropriate. (Such as a 7-inch bangle, or a larger 8 or 9 inch). Some crystal bangles are also expandable, meaning there is no specific size indicated. This means the band will expand or stretch to fit larger wrist sizes.

2. Consider the Width of the Bracelet

Would you prefer a thin bangle that has a subtle look of luster accented by a few crystals? Maybe you'd prefer a wider style with many lustrous crystals all around. The extra wide bangle bracelets resemble a cuff style, with an opening. Thin bangles are often closed all the way around.

3. Decide On the Crystal Color

Some bangle bracelets feature clear crystals. This offers the translucent appearance of shimmering stones or diamonds. However, if you are looking to add a splash of color to your wardrobe accessories, consider a bangle bracelet that incorporates colored crystals. This gives the illusion of colored gemstones. Crystals may be available in a wide array of colors, such as pink, blue, turquoise, violet or green. It's simply a matter of personal preference, and you might choose a matching colored set, or perhaps a multi-colored crystal bangle bracelet.

4. Choose Your Definitive Style and Materials

Last but not least, choose the style of bangle you would most prefer. There are many designs to choose from. How about an infinity style? Perfect for an anniversary or valentine's day, this trendy design is symbolic of endless love. It is often seen as a double knotted design, with crystals all around. Perhaps you'd prefer a subtle heart etched in the middle, surrounded by shimmering crystals.

In any case, you'll also want to select the most suitable and preferred metal for your bracelet. There's rhodium plated, sterling silver, gold plated, rose or tri-color and more. Whatever you decide upon, be sure the metal is hypoallergenic and nickel free, especially if given as a gift. Places like Fervor Montreal can help you find just what you need.