Adding Interesting Jewelry Pieces to My CollectionAdding Interesting Jewelry Pieces to My Collection

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Adding Interesting Jewelry Pieces to My Collection

A few years ago, I started collecting jewelry, and it has been really fun to watch my little collection grow. I started with a piece that my grandmother gave me, and then gradually began adding a thing here or there as I came across interesting items at thrift stores. It has been so amazing to wear different pieces that have so much history, and I absolutely love the stories behind each item that I have. This blog is all about adding interesting pieces of jewelry that will really help your look to stand out, and taking care of the items that are precious to you.

Three Reasons That You Might Need To Get A Ring Resized

Many people who wear rings sometimes find themselves leaving their rings in their jewelry box at home because they no longer fit well. While you could technically allow these pieces of jewelry to gather dust, a better option is to visit a local jewelry store that specializes in jewelry repair services. A common repair task that a trained jeweler can perform is to resize the ring. He or she can do so by using a few different methods, but the end result is that your ring will be larger and thus possible to begin wearing again. Here are some reasons that you might want to inquire about ring resizing:

Arthritis Is Affecting Your Knuckles

A highly popular reason that people opt for ring resizing is due to arthritis in their hands. As this condition worsens, it's common for your knuckles to get swollen. This means that it may be difficult or impossible to slip a ring onto your finger, as well as take it off once it's on. While lubricating the finger with soap may help, the reality is that arthritis is painful, and sliding something tight across the knuckle is likely to cause you discomfort. If you still want to wear a few special rings, even with arthritis, ring resizing can be the answer.

You've Had An Injury

Arthritis isn't the only reason that you might want to think about ring resizing. If you've had a serious injury to one of your fingers — perhaps breaking it severely — a ring may no longer fit comfortably. Most rings are designed to fit snugly, but if the fit is too snug after a finger injury, the jewelry might be downright painful for you to wear. Instead of switching the ring to another finger, which might not be ideal, you can simply get the ring resized.

You've Gained Weight

When people gain a considerable amount of weight, it doesn't all just go to their midsection. Weight gain can also cause your fingers to get fatter, and you may eventually find that your rings don't fit comfortably — especially if they were tight to begin with. You don't want a ring to cut off the circulation in your finger, as this could lead to health issues. While you might want to think about losing some weight, another idea to pursue is to get your ring resized so that you can continue to wear it with comfort.