Adding Interesting Jewelry Pieces to My CollectionAdding Interesting Jewelry Pieces to My Collection

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Adding Interesting Jewelry Pieces to My Collection

A few years ago, I started collecting jewelry, and it has been really fun to watch my little collection grow. I started with a piece that my grandmother gave me, and then gradually began adding a thing here or there as I came across interesting items at thrift stores. It has been so amazing to wear different pieces that have so much history, and I absolutely love the stories behind each item that I have. This blog is all about adding interesting pieces of jewelry that will really help your look to stand out, and taking care of the items that are precious to you.

How To Select Wedding Bands: Jewelers, Metals, Gemstones, And More

What do couples need to know about choosing wedding bands? From the jewelers you should visit to the jewelry must-haves for your big day, take a look at the answers to the top wedding band questions. 

Which Jewelry Store Is the Right Retailer?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Before you choose a jewelry retailer, you may need to visit a few stores. This can help you to learn more about your options and get a better feel for what is available in your local area.

To select a store that meets your wedding band needs consider:

  • Custom creations. Do you want custom-made wedding bands? If personalized jewelry is at the top of your list, make sure the jeweler can create custom pieces for your wedding day needs.
  • Price range. Do you need to stay within a strict budget? Many retailers offer a wide variety of price options. If you're not sure how much you will need to spend, but know what you can afford, select a store that has a range of rings at different price points.
  • The quality. Never sacrifice quality for cost. You don't have to break the bank to get a high-quality band.

Along with these issues, think about how far you are willing to travel—especially if you want a custom band or will need the rings sized. If you need to return to the retailer multiple times, you may want to choose a store that is in your local area.

Which Band Is the Right Ring?

Again, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Like the jeweler you choose, the rings you select depend on several factors. These may include:

  • The metal. Different metals have different colors, textures, and prices. Popular picks include classic gold, colored gold, gold alloys, sterling silver, silver alloys, electrum, and platinum.
  • The gems. Do you want to add gemstones to your wedding bands? A slim row of diamonds or a pop of color from emeralds or rubies are eclectic upgrades with dramatic flare.
  • The style. Is a traditional plain band your style or do you want something with a literal twist? Wedding bands are available in styles to match every couple's preferences, from simple statement pieces to complex contemporary options.

If you're not sure what you want in a wedding band, try on a few different designs. This can help you to get a full picture of what the band will look like. Couples who want to customize bands should discuss their wedding ring needs with a jeweler.